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We welcome your donations!


Please consider us when cleaning out your closets, garage and attic.  We turn the items you no longer need into scholarship and charitable funds to help our local military community.  The benefits of donations are two fold-your donated items raise funds for our philanthropic endeavors and they also allow our shoppers to purchase quality items at discounted prices.  We feel like it's a win-win!  


How can I donate?  


We happily accept your donations during our open hours or you can drop your donations off in front of our store in the provided donation shed or if you have large items, we are happy to meet you at the Thrift Shop to allow you to bring those in.  You can email us to make those arrangements.  We also are happy to assist you in unloading your items from your vehicle if needed.  Our goal is to make it easy for you.


However, we cannot accept TV's (unless flat screen), car seats/booster seats, undergarments,  mattresses/box springs or anything that is broken as these items cannot be sold in our store.


The following donations are needed year-round:


  • left-over packing or masking tape, sharpie markers, packing paper & plastic wrap from your recent move

  • cable ties

  • paper bags (after your trip to the Commissary)

  • white printer paper

  • boxes of tissues, paper towels, paper plates, bowls, cups & napkins, plastic forks/spoons

  • bottled water

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