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Our Mission 


                                             The Eglin Thrift Shop is proudly sponsored by the Eglin Spouses' Club & is staffed by a large                                               number of volunteers.  The Thrift Shop enables active duty service members, retirees and                                                 their families to purchase gently used clothing and household items at a very low cost. 


                                             We are 501(c)3 non-profit organization and the only fundraiser for the Eglin Spouses'                                                         Club.  The income from the Thrift Shop is returned to the military families of the Emerald                                                   Coast in the form of charitable and scholarship donations.  Each year we proudly give back                                               to our local high school seniors and military spouses pursuing degrees plus several base                                                     and community organizations.  (See our Donate page for a complete list.) 


In addition to our charitable efforts, we are here to support one another, have fun and make new friends.  Military life brings many challenges, and we come together to enjoy one another's company, while offering support to one another through the joys and challenges of life as military families.  The Eglin Spouses' Club organizes monthly membership socials and special activties that allow members to share their talents and hobbies with one another while fostering camaraderie and friendship.  The Eglin Spouses' Club is open to all military spouses from all branches of service on active duty, widowed spouses, spouses of retired members of the armed forces, spouses of part time Guard and Reserve members, and spouses of Civil Service Employees, active or retired.  For more information please click here.


The Eglin Thrift Shop is a tradition that goes back many years, but we have progressed as the times have.  If you find yourself with some extra time, please consider supporting the Eglin Spouses' Club or volunteering in the Eglin Thrift Shop.  We would love to have you!  



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